New Oct 26 Nourish Your Child & Anti-inflammatory Reset

Enhance your Child’s ability to play, think, and enjoy life. 

Feeding young children is no easy task with your busy schedule, conflicting nutrition information, and your child’s ever changing attitude and behavior around food. This simple task can be so overwhelming that resorting to processed food can seem like the only answer. Yet, children do not thrive on processed food. Their behavior and health is deeply affected by what they eat and you as their parent can make a big difference in their wellbeing by learning simple tricks to raising a healthy, energetic child that can concentrate, grow, and be a delight to share a meal with.

Does this sound daunting? Is your child jerking you around at the table? Do you want some clarity on how to feed your child and what to feed them with ease and wellbeing?

Come to this 3 part workshop with Whole Foods Dietitian Sephirah Oshkello. She has been teaching these courses for over 20 years, raised two healthy eaters and have seen many children grow up to become healthy eaters and contributing adults. Arm Yourself with knowledge and walk away with tangible skills to apply immediately. Instructions on how to help your child behave around food and tricks to combat the picky eating syndrome. Put an end to squabbles at the table, Enhance your Child’s ability to play, think, and enjoy life. 

Before you commit to the program, you can join us for a Free Introductory Session and learn more about the benefits of whole foods nutririon for children, Sephirah, and the magic she has witnessed. No obligations, just come and hear what it’s all about, and glean some tips to be more successful at a whole foods lifestyle that truly makes a difference.

Join me!

Let’s Feed the Family 

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