New Oct 26 Nourish Your Child & Anti-inflammatory Reset

Dietary Cleanse

“Purify the Body for Vitality and Nourishment”

8-week program

Enhance your body’s ability to heal from auto-immune disease and chronic ailments.

Pain in our body and chronic illness can keep us from being our best selves. When we are too tired, dealing with back pain, or debilitating diseases; everything can feel overwhelming. This can then lead to shut down, irritability toward those we love, and just not being able to do what energizes us.

What you eat can make a big difference in how you feel. Many foods contribute to our overall inflammatory response and exasperate our problems. Nutrition information can be so confusing with so much conflicting information about which foods are actually inflammatory.

Your diet has a direct affect on:

Back pain


Auto-immune disease

Digestive disturbance



Chronic headaches

Skin conditions

… and more


With Root Into Health, you receive trusted information from a health expert, with the guidance to learn what your individual body needs are. Tuning into the foods that work best for your body leads to profound healing. Once you decrease inflammation with lifestyle change, your body is better able to kick start the healing process, and you begin to feel better than you imagined possible.

Anti-inflammatory diets:

Increase flexibility

Increase energy

Increase mobility

Increase comfort

Raise mood

Support healthy, beautiful skin

Support your whole body

Help you live a fuller, healthier life

… and more


This anti-inflammatory diet program is designed to help you listen to the innate wisdom of your body, and find the individualized program that works for your system. With Sephirah’s 20 years of experience in guiding people through anti-inflammatory diets combined with the community support, the program allows for an ease in lifestyle changes that brings long-term success and health. We don’t just commit to the anti-inflammatory diet, we learn about what types of foods work for our individual body type for the long term, while designing plans that are realistic and taste great!

Root into Health allows you to choose foods that feel good in your body and leads to profound healing. The community group aspect of the program allows for being part of a supportive social network that you can confide in and glean knowledge from while building relationships that bring vitality, joy and energy. Lastly, tuning into your body’s innate wisdom brings a deep satisfaction that brings you away from deprivation and toward deep nourishment & pleasure for body, mind, heart, and soul.


We will meet regularly for 6 weeks to engage in lifestyle changes with sharing, accountability, coaching, and nutrition education.

We will review concepts of an anti-inflammatory diet, create delicious meal plans, discuss stress management techniques, and explore your unique needs while reducing your overall pain. It is remarkable how much better you can feel with a few essential tweaks.

Session Topics Include:

Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle: Meal Planning & Getting Prepared

Supplements and Herbs for Decreased Inflammation

Listening to the Wisdom of Your Body / Challenge Instructions and Tuning into the subtle messages

Nourishing Self Care Practices for Decreased Inflammation

Learning from the Challenges; Positive Mantras

Long range plan for choosing nourishment and healing

This course is for you if you:

Are ready to commit to a lifestyle that heals

Are dealing with inflammation in your body that is contributing to illness, pain, and dis-ease

Want to overcome auto-immune disease, digestive disturbance, fatigue, and achy joints.

Want to figure out exactly which foods aggravate your symptoms

Want to find your healthy weight while improving overall health

Want more energy

Thrive in supportive nurturing community, and regular accountability

Have been following anti-inflammatory diets off and on and aren’t sure which foods work for you

Want more clarity on the foods right for your body

Want to learn to honor your body’s innate wisdom

Want to be nourished in body, mind, heart, and soul

This course is not for you if you:

Don’t have the patience to pay attention to what your body is saying

Would rather eat a cookie than feel your best

Are not motivated to try new lifestyle changes

Before you commit to the program, you can join us for a Free Introductory Session and learn more about the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet, Sephirah, and the magic she has witnessed. No obligations, just come and hear what it’s all about, and glean some tips to be more successful at an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that truly makes a difference.

Join me!

Let’s Root Into Health






















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