New Oct 26 Nourish Your Child & Anti-inflammatory Reset

Reset and Rest to Rise

Experience the healing and transformative benefits of cleansing and

deep rest amongst community

In-Person Spring Cleanse & Yoga Nidra Program

in Waitsfield, Vermont 

Mondays June 3 – June 24-; 6:30pm – 8:30pm    

@ Blyss Yoga 

Spring Into Summer Renewal

with a cleanse and rejuvenatiing rest

During the transition between seasons, the body can struggle to adapt to the changing environment. You may find that during seasonal shifts you become more susceptible to colds, and feel more fatigued & irritable, as well as sleep poorly. It is time to leave behind exhaustion and living at your limit.

With a whole foods cleanse that purifies your system, and the deep rest program of Yoga Nidra, you can go from fatigue to feeling energized and strong.

In these four nurturing weeks together we will gain the lifestyle tools that support us to reset our nervous systems and rejuvenate.

As a well rested women we will live in fullness and when life is challenging or depleting, we will have the reserves and resiliency to be our best selves- wise, compassionate, strong and free. 

The Reset, Rest to Rise Program nourishes your whole being while supporting:

Improved energy, vitality & sleep

Clearer thinking

Weight management

Proper elimination

Digestive health

Nourishing rejuvenation


Best of all, this program is NOT a fast or another fad; it includes nourishing foods, rejuvenating self care that is doable and provides solutions to end addictive habits. 

Maybe you think you have difficulty succeeding at restrictive programs; well this program is designed to keep you satisfied and builds muscle mass as you reset and rest. Maybe you think you don’t have the time to rest, well the program makes deep rest more accessible to even the busiest of people. The community support from the intimate group that is created on the weekly live call, provides an ease and gentle accountability that makes it doable.

Sephirah and Sheryle come with  over 20 years of experience , and are here to support you on the journey.  The nurturing support from the group makes it all doable. 


Afraid, you won’t know what to eat; we got that covered too. Together we design meal plans that are delicious and simple. With the program you receive recipe ideas, shopping lists, and individual support that makes it all work smoothly. 

This program leads to:

Feeling great

Weight loss


 Improved sleep

Overcoming cravings


Overcoming addiction cycles

 Clear Thinking


More energy

Real satisfaction


We start each day with a delicious breakfast cleanse drink that utilizes the healing properties of ginger, berries, lemon, healing herbs and seeds. You can do this program whether you are vegan, paleo, keto, or anything in between. The program is designed to kickstart healthy behaviors that can continue for the long run. 

We will meet regularly for 4 weeks.

We build community support, create healing meal plans, practice Yoga Nidra and indulge in self care that is nourishing for all those around us.

Each session begins with Grounding Meditation, followed by a check-in to build our community container. 

Nutritional principles and cleansing/ reset details will be reviewed. 

We will practice Yoga Nidra  to get into our deep subtle bodies for rejuvenating rest. 

Practices will be shared for mind, body, heart and spirit for nourishment and life long change. 

Each week of the Journey you will receive:

Life & Health coaching support

Meal plan ideas

Supportive guidance related to the healthy restorative lifestyle

Access to private What’s App support network

Weekly Yoga Nidra meditations

Weekly journal prompts and exercises

This course is for you if :

You are ready for a transformation

You thrive with community connection and nurturance

You are ready to feel better while embracing a healthy lifestyle

You desire deep rest and restoration 

This course is not for you if:

You are interested in a quick fix

You are not ready to commit to a whole foods diet

You do not enjoy learning and self reflection

 We are here to support you in manifesting your dreams and feeling your best.

Join me!

Let’s cleanse and rejuvenate together






















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