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Nourish your way to wellness

For you and the ones you love

Hi I’m Sephirah,

founder of earth-based integrative nutrition™, a natural way to nourish wellness within. This holistic approach is proven to reduce chronic inflammation, balance blood sugar and manage emotional eating, while increasing vitality. It can also lessen the need for prescription medicines.

I am a firm believer that everything starts with intention and that healing starts in the gut.

By mindfully restoring your gut health, you open the door to nourishing your whole being – mind, body, heart and spirit. The right balance of satisfying foods, rest, play, and motivation allow you to heal from the inside out and experience radiant beauty, health and joy.

And while you surely value your health and vitality, you likely still:

Put everyone else first, and yourself last…not acknowledging how counterproductive that is for all of you in the long run.

Get sidelined with chronic illness…including pain, inflammation and/or emotional eating.

Feel uncomfortable at your current weight…but can’t find an effective program you can stick with that works for you and your lifestyle.

Lack energy to get everything done…and lack the support to balance work, home life and adequate self care.

Have limited success with conventional medicine (or wish to avoid it)…and need to try something different.

Continuing down the path that got you this far is not working anymore.

That’s What I’m Here For

I help motivated people nourish their way to wellness with a straightforward program that anyone can follow. You can learn it in just a few weeks and develop mastery over time. You’ll also enjoy it, I promise!

What Is Earth-Based Integrative Nutrition?

Earth-Based Integrative Nutrition is a holistic approach to wellness that combines healing foods with healthy relationships and earth-based spiritual principles. It is an approach that affirms our innate wisdom, guiding us to listen to our body’s internal cues. It aligns us with nature and gets us present to our connection to the earth, self-love, and community. And it awakens possibility and purpose in life with enduring alignment of mind, body, heart and spirit.

How Does It Work?

We work together to choose the foods that resonate well with your unique body type. We practice listening to your body’s internal cues and start to develop mastery around that. We integrate proven dietary shifts, meaningful connection and adequate self care, opening the door to more energy, satisfaction, replenishment, possibility and purpose. We connect healthy living with food grown naturally and connected to the soil. And we identify the elements of nutrition, exercise, stress management and self-care that will work for you long term. Not something you’ll do for a month, but something that feels so good that you’ll want to sustain it for a lifetime.

My Promise To You

Along with essential nutrition knowledge, you’ll get all the support you need to experience wellness filled with health, connection and joy. This includes:

Getting your blood sugar balanced

Restoring the microbiome of your gut

Putting your autoimmune disease in remission

Losing unwanted weight without deprivation

Learning to love yourself.


If you bring the willingness, I’ll not only help you manage the concern that brought you here, but also empower you to live a more energetic, healthy and purposeful life that nourishes your whole being – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually – and profoundly enriches the lives of those you love.

Get Started Today!

Learn how earth-based integrative nutrition can work for you.

“Sephirah led a well organized program that taught me to listen to my body with respect and nurturing.”
Program participant

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